Ain Asserdoun & Kasbah

When visting Beni Mellal we highly recommend that you visit the source and the beautiful gardens of Ain Asserdoun which are located at the top of the city. Above the garden the beautiful Kasbah stands overlooking the whole city.

Cascades d’Ouzoud

A couple of hours drive (towards Marrakech) from the hotel you’ll find Morocco’s most beautiful waterfalls. A perfect day excursion!

If you want to combine visiting the Lake Bin el Ouidane and the waterfalls we recommend that you consider staying at our sister hotel located by the lake.

Lake Bin el Ouidane

Experience the magnificent and peaceful lake Bin el Ouidane. Swim, relax by the lake shore or why not some water activities?

You can have lunch or sleep over in our sister hotel, Chems du lac. To find out more about prices welcome to contact us.

Ait Bougamez

Adventurers looking for a destination that is truly off the beaten track will find Ait Bougamez to be the perfect choice. Located in the central High Atlas Mountains, around 150 kilometers south of Beni Mellal, Ait Bougamez Valley is unspoiled nature at its best.


Discover the Cathedral of the gorges, a beautiful rock of the Atlas named and seen its shape that looks like a cathedral. Nice destination for trekking fans.

N.B. The mountain roads can be in bad shape especially after heavy rainfalls. You should check with the locals first.

River Ahansal

When the level of lake Bin el Ouidane is over 75% full the river Ahansal opens up and let you travel upstreams up to 3 kilometers. A most stunning journey.